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Part-1: The Mission

Presenting before you the first part of “The Fourth Dimension”…

That dewy Tuesday morning saw something more than a sunrise and cooing birds. It looked no less than a movie scene: large black cars chasing a big blue van (which was reportedly carrying drugs and gold). As the procession reached the empty highway, it became very clear that it was a game of bullets. Men could be seen poking their heads out of the cars to shoot, or ducking down in defence.

“Agent T-13 reporting! Situation under control; 3 down, 1 left. We’ll catch them any moment now!” Apparently, Agent T-13, a sharp woman in black formals and sunglasses, was leading the mission, and this was a very normal day for her. The mission was simple: get hold of the drugs and gold and shoot down the men. She was much more used to jumping off helicopters or diving in the deep sea.

“Agent S-3 here! We are receiving more inputs on the mission,” a voice boomed from the walkie-talkie. And before the statement could be completed, the black cars had surrounded the blue van. There was no escape. The last of the men were shot down, boxes from the van were confiscated; mission complete! Or so they thought.

“Open up the boxes! We need to report what exactly and in how much amount they were carrying,” Agent T-13 ordered. Then walking by the side, she reported on her walkie-talkie, “Mission complete! All boxes confiscated, under inspection…” “No! Listen to me, this was a bait! We’ve been tricked!” Agent S-3 exclaimed from the other side.

“What?! But we are all safe, and we’ve shot down the men,” Agent T-13 said. She was confident that no mission could go wrong under her supervision. “Oh no, no! These inputs could never go wrong! Wait… the boxes! You haven’t opened the boxes, have you?” Agent S-3 asked tensely. “Boxes? Oh…” and remembering that she had just ordered the men to open the boxes, she turned around…


There was a blast and she was thrown back. Her head hit the ground and it felt as if a boulder had just hit her. She had gone wrong; for the first time in her life, she had gone wrong. She had a weird dizzy feeling, as if she was sinking down and down and down…


When she regained consciousness, her head was still dizzy. Her vision was blurred, but she was sure she wasn’t on the highway where she had fainted. This was a different place, many people were standing around her, she was lying on a bed. Where was she? She was on a mission and then there was a blast…

And then she remembered it all. S-3 had said they have been tricked; the van was a bait. So had the enemies captured her? Where was her team?  And then she could think no more for her head hurt too much. Slowly her eyes started adjusting to her surroundings. The place seemed familiar. It looked like… but no, it couldn’t be. But this place had to be…

[Where was Agent T-13? What happened to her teammates? Stay hooked to know! Any guesses where she is? Tell me in the comments! Do like and share. Follow Oddball Thinks to know what happens next!]

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11 thoughts on “Part-1: The Mission

  1. She might have been caught by her enemies who could take her advantage…..or she would have been saved by the local people living somewhere there in the forest…..Just can’t wait for the other part….And the only word that comes out thinking about your ideas — Amazing!!

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  2. Wow, very well written, the description is so vivid, and the flow of ur writing is very smooth…plus you have built up the suspense nicely !! Waiting eagerly for the next part!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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