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I slowly opened my eyes the next day. I remembered I had told the voice that I liked trampolines. Was I going to jump on trampolines the whole day? No. That weren’t possible.

As my eyes adjusted to the surroundings, I saw that I wasn’t on my bed anymore. I was floating!!

I moved my hands around and ‘swam’ through air. I dived towards my bed and popped up again. Oh, so that’s what he meant by trampolines! I sighed with relief. I was expecting something much worse.

But again, why was I floating? And suddenly it clicked me. ‘Sci-fi movies…’, ‘space travel’… I was in anti-gravity!

For a quarter of an hour, I just enjoyed floating in the air and diving into things. Whoa, this was fun! I could do this the whole day! But that wasn’t all.

Suddenly, the windows caught my eye. They didn’t seem like the windows that used to be in my room. These were different. It was like the windows we see in the airplanes. There was no latch to open the windows. Instead, there was just a shutter which was now closed. I wondered what those were for.

I felt my hopes rise as I swam towards the windows. With crossed fingers I opened the shutter. And gasped.

What I saw outside wasn’t something you get to see everyday. I mean how often is it that you open your windows to see asteroids and planets outside?

I jumped with joy (and almost knocked my head on the roof). I stepped (swam) out of my room and looked around the ‘spaceship’ house. Everything seemed much the same.

“Good morning mum! Good morning dad!” I chimed. It seemed weird after saying ‘Mum morning good’ the other day.

And then I gasped again. I saw my dad wearing a magnificent spacesuit. “What’s that?” I asked automatically.

“What do you mean? I am going to work,” he replied, as if it were a casual thing.

He waved and started to go out of the front door. I followed him.

“Daisy!” my mum called. “Where are you going?”

“Outside,” I replied.

“Really? Like this?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

And then I realised what she was talking about. My spacesuit! I couldn’t go out into the space without it, right?

“Fine. So where’s my spacesuit?”

“Daisy,” my mum said. “How many times do I have to tell you! You can’t have it till you are 18! You’ll have to keep using that route for three more years,” she said, pointing to an inner room.

“Umm.. ok,” I said, still unsure how I could go out through a room inside my house.

I went into the room and gasped yet again. It was not the usual room. It had a corridor leading into the ground. The walls were all packed with a map of the routes that led to different buildings and places, or let’s just say, different spaceships. It also had rolls of map to help us get to our destination.

I picked one and located Shanaya’s spaceship. And followed the map. It was fun. I floated through corridors until I reached Shanya’s place. Of course meeting her is always fun. But the anti-gravity raised the bar to the next level.

I was hungry by the time I came back home. Anti-gravity is fun. But eating and drinking is a completely different affair. There was a whole set of procedures I had to follow for eating my cheese sandwich. Although drinking water was fun. There were bubbles of water floating and I had to gulp them down.

The rest of the day passed smoothly with me floating and jumping all day long. It was finally night. But I didn’t want the day to end.

I got back into my room and closed my eyes. I heard the voice again.


“Yep, I did. But I don’t want the fun to end. Please, can this go on longer?”

“No. Each day has to be different. You wanted that.”

“But please…”

“Tomorrow’s going to be more fun.”


“You’ll enjoy it more than today.”

“What is it going to be? Just tell me!”

“Nightie night. Get ready for some magic…”

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