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A Marvel (or just an illusion?)

When the stars all shine upon me

And the half moon peeks out

Shy as a bride from her clouded veil;

On nights like these I wonder

Whether there really is a god

For the creation of such a wondrous world

Surely wouldn’t have been an accident.

And then I ask to the people who say

That a bang and a boom gave birth to the world –

A bang and a boom would surely have created

A piece of rock and flesh,

But if there really was no god,

Then there wouldn’t have been lives and souls.

For violent fireworks can only create

A thing so marvellous

But souls ain’t created by force or hurt

For they require love, and pure beauty.

And if you still believe it to be an illusion

I hope there is, and always be

Such a wondrous illusion.

For the man gets his thoughts

From the wondrous nature around him,

Oh great illusionist! Hence I ask,

What gave YOU the thought

To create such a marvel,

The thoughts of which

Have inspired all others,

And continues to be

The definition of love

And fine beauty,

And wonder.

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