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As I look ahead into a fog

Of doubt and confusion

And hatred and blind choices

And all things oh so bad,

I linger down the memory lane

And travel back to the past.

I see myself as a child

Oh so happy and careless,

Not even a hint of fear,

I spoke out what I wanted to,

Where has that innocence gone?

I look at myself,

The only secrets I hid

Were the shy little ones,

Of chocolates and games,

And friendships and fights,

Where’s that innocence now?

I remember myself,

Doing just what I wanted,

No tough choices, no regrets,

That innocence, where is it now?

I played games, I grouped together,

But the only lines I drew

Were of chalk, as temporary

As were our divisions,

Innocence, is it?

I remember how it felt

To be carefree,

Not thinking of what I wore,

Or how I looked,

Or what the others thought of me,

I still remember myself

Just being me.

Where, oh where

Have I lost that innocence?

2 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. That’s so truly written, greatly expressed and above all it’s the actual fact of life which all of us as a human being have in common….. every child is born simply with innocence which is lost somewhere slowly as we grow. And those who are still able to hold that innocence enjoy their lives even in the most difficult times.
    Even I, at times wonder, where has that innocence gone? But the fact is, it hasn’t gone anywhere…. it’s still hidden in all our hearts. What we have to do is — simply exhibit that innocence instead of suppressing it!

    So thank you for expressing all this in such a simple way through this poem! 👍🏻

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