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Got no time to die

Some quick updates:

  1. I wasn’t planning to write this post till 10 secs back.
  2. But I had to, some time, and I am not going to get any time to do so in the near future, for reasons you’ll get to know in the next few points.
  3. I am literally typing at the speed of 100 words per minute.
  4. The major reason I wanted to write the post was this:

5. A big thanks to all of you for pushing me to this milestone.

6. Aahh!! My laptop’s dying!!

7. Ok, back with the charger.

8. Now the main point.

9. I just received a notification from school that our notebooks and assignments would be called for submission.

10. The submissions are two days away.

11. In parallel, we also have daily assessment tests. Not to forget the online classes.

12. Then there’s me.

13. I haven’t even touched my pen the whole year.

14. And now I have barely two days to complete all the notebooks. Of all the subjects. Year long course. Two days.

15. Even if I skip my phone, TV, blogging, or even sleep, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.

16. But I’ll try my best.

17. Hoping for a miracle.

18. Pray for me.

19. Goodbye. I’ll be off for a few days.

20. (Adding this point to make it even.)

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