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Last Night

I glance at the window

And shield my eyes

From the blinding sunlight

I shut my eyes

And just naturally

There come a hundred memories

From last night…

There I am

At the centre of the stage

Trophy in my hand

Grin on my face

A certificate reads

“Student of the Year”…

I turn around

And just instantly

I find myself

On another stage

A yet bigger one

And with more people around

A book in my hand

The author’s name reads

My name….

Before I could even turn

I am standing on a red carpet

More people than I’ve ever seen

A pen in my hand

I sign autographs

As I hear cameras clicking

And people buzzing…

I swiftly turn around

I am in a cafe

Facing a boy

I last met years ago

His hands in mine

We smile and talk

Of the past days…

I turn around yet again

I am with him

He faces me

And we move closer

His face slowly drawing

Towards mine…

I don’t want to,

But still turn around

As if forced to,

And blink and blink

And face the ceiling

Of my room.


I pull my covers

And shut my eyes


To dive back

Into my dreams…

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