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The True Good

Not all that glimmers

Is gold,

Not all good people

Are really good,

Sometimes its just a mask

Covering their true side,

The darkest side…

Not every grape

Is always sweet,

Not every person

Is trustworthy,

Sometimes those you trust the most

Turn out to be the sour one,

The one who leaves you alone…

Not everything

Is just as it seems,

Not every person

Is just the way they show,

Sometimes things turn out

To be very different,

When what you thought was a diamond

Is sometimes just fragile glass…

Not all wounds

Are healed by time,

Not every person

Can be forgotten,

Sometimes when you think it’s time to move on

Is when you have to turn back

And face them, and show what they are worth,

Sometimes you need to pick your wounds

To make yourself stronger,

This tiny wound would sure heal soon

But there is more broken glass

On the way, than you really think…

But be careful!

Not all that seems like glass

Is really glass,

Sometimes it’s a diamond

Sometimes it’s just you failing to see its beauty…

Think twice

Before you throw away

That piece of glass

Stuck in your foot…

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