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Of Unicorns and Mermaids

Magic and marvel –

Oh yes, they exist!

Not in your eyes,

perhaps no,

But surely in mine,

even if closed!

It’s there, just there,

right there in my dreams,

Oh what a magical place,

With unicorns and mermaids!

Oh, they’re there in yours too?

Maybe they are,

But surely not as they’re in mine!

Coz I have unicorns that dive,

Oh yes they dive!

Deep, deep into the blue sea,

And swim far and wide

With all the fishes, red and gold,

And wash the waves with their sparkly light!

And mermaids that fly,

Oh yes they fly!

High, high above the fluffy clouds,

And soar through the sky

With flocks of birds, chirpy and brown,

And light the whole sky with their magical trails!

Don’t lose hope if you don’t find them in yours,

Reality is more unpredictable than dreams,

Maybe you’ll wake up some day

To find horses in your aquarium

And fishes in the skies!

10 thoughts on “Of Unicorns and Mermaids

  1. Wake up !
    Wake up your dreams.

    Some dreams are unworthy.They increases your confusion and anxiety. They eat you. Try to be real and practical. Stop dreaming, take the actions. A true has a greater significance. It attracts yourself to toward it. It has potential to provide you reason in life. It’s a mission.

    Your dreams are live, smiling at you. They are coming in their shape to fill the empty space in your life. Live your dream.

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    1. Real dreams are surely important since they provide for a solid aim and keep us going. But I feel that the dreams we see with closed eyes, that is while sleeping, hold as much significance, because ultimately the ‘real’ dreams we set as goals are sparked and fuelled up by the wild dreams we see at night.

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