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Eerie night, no company in sight,

What a place, oh so quiet.

No moon in the sky, chilly winds all through,

It’s on nights like these that myths come true.

She came to him in the middle of the night,

Pounced upon him and gave a hard cold bite.

Pain shot up and sprang through his veins,

Drummed in his ears a thousand mighty trains.

Bitter was the truth, harsher than a knife,

He was tethered to her for life.

Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

wk 216 tether

Writing for a prompt is so fun!

23 thoughts on “Myth

  1. Wow, so very well written! I loved every line of it, especially “Drummed in his ears a thousand mighty trains”. Very nicely narrated, a great take. Loved it ❀

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