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The Winterland

I woke up in a Fairy Winterland,

Fluffy mounds of snow and rainbow bands,

Creamy skies and chocolate clouds

And the scent of magic in the air.

It had sliver trees and golden leaves,

Velvet flowers and birds in their sleeves,

And all you needed was a sniff in the air

To get the magic juices flowing in your blood.

And then a fairy came floating by,

She bounced and swirled and danced in the sky,

And she gave her wand a massive twirl

And bounds of snow came falling by.

There were little and big snowmen too,

Carrot noses and buttons for the eyes,

And then a strong wind started to blow

And all their hats dropped to the ground.

There were magic fruits with magic powers,

And sparkling water that smelled of a charm,

And every little beast in the wide snow town

Had powers that I could only dream of.

There were musical bells and violin tunes,

Sweet melodies in their voices too,

And when you needed a ride around,

There’d be a hundred to help you out.

I woke up in the Fairy Winterland,

With no hint of how I ended up there,

Perhaps a fairy picked me up from my bed

And carried me to the magic winterland.

14 thoughts on “The Winterland

  1. It was just an awesome and perfect world we at times dream of.. and you entangled those scenes just that perfectly into words, making it a beautiful poem. Very expressive piece!! 😌👌🏻❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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