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If life was a book,
Its pages flipped a bit today
And stopped at a chapter
That wasn’t so pleasant to read.

Well I was just a kid,
And I was just fooling around,
And hurting someone emotionally
Wasn’t something I understood well.

And I think I asked her at a point
If she was okay.
And she said she was,
But her diary said otherwise.

Unintentional as it was,
And foolish as I was,
Someone had been hurt;
And sorrys couldn’t heal the past.

My pages turned,
As did the wheel of karma,
And I stood at a point
Where she had once.

A part of it I deserved,
The others I didn’t,
But who am I to decide
The fair and the unfair.

I did my share of the why’s and how’s,
And reached what I thought was the (not so) happy end.
But life had been intending to teach
A different lesson altogether.

Something I learnt more pages later,
Was one of the harder lessons;
And I definitely didn’t learn it
The easy way.

It had been intertwined in all these pages
And yet I had been blind enough not to notice,
Trusting the wrong people all along
And adorning my head with a crown of arrogance.

When you drift on the wrong path,
There are people who leave you stranded.
They have their own good reasons,
But they can’t ever be good companions.

The wind flipped over a couple pages more
And came to the one where I met a little star,
Who made so little of its presence
Amidst the dully overcrowded sky.

It shone in such light
That it took my blindfold away;
And I changed my lenses,
Viewing the world a different way.

And delivered a message I could never say out loud
But oh that’s a story for another day.
It’s time to close the windows,
The winds are really making a mess!

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