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Spooks and his Love Story

I know you’ve been missing him since long,

So I’ve finally brought Spooks the ghost along!

But dearie Spooks has changed greatly,

‘Coz he’s fallen in love lately!

And the one he adores is Bonnie – the ghost,

Coloured bows and dresses are her boast.

She’s not much easy to impress

But Spooks would do it nevertheless.

He brought her roses- white and red,

But she just threw them instead!

He then brought her a necklace lit,

But she didn’t even look at it!

Finally he made a plan brand new,

And he brought along a tiny friend too.

He was cute and furry and small and squeaky

He was a mouse and they called him Meeky!

Now Spooks knew a secret, small and nice

That Bonnie was insanely scared of mice!

The rest was then a piece of cake

And they acted out a scene fake.

Meeky the mouse played the bad one,

Spooks the hero beat him and won!

And that’s how he won Bonnie’s heart,

Now wouldn’t you say Spooks is smart?

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Spooks and the Blue Ink

[For a brief intro of Spooks, the ghost, read my previous posts!]

Spooks, the ghost, was swaying in his spot,

Spooks, the ghost, saw a great ink pot!

Silly little Spooks wanted something to drink,

Silly little Spooks gulped down the whole blue ink!

And many still don’t believe it to be true,

But poor little Spooks turned all blue!

And do you expect Spooks to sit and cry?

Oh no, dear Spooks isn’t that sort of a guy.

Clever Spooks wanted to be head of the ghosts;

So he went to his friends and started to boast:

He talked of the angels and the spirits of the moon,

Of how he met them and got the colour as a boon!

The ghosts were fooled!

Clever Spooks ruled!

The ghosts and the angels all now chime:

“Spooks, the ghost, had a great time!”