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The Winterland

I woke up in a Fairy Winterland,

Fluffy mounds of snow and rainbow bands,

Creamy skies and chocolate clouds

And the scent of magic in the air.

It had sliver trees and golden leaves,

Velvet flowers and birds in their sleeves,

And all you needed was a sniff in the air

To get the magic juices flowing in your blood.

And then a fairy came floating by,

She bounced and swirled and danced in the sky,

And she gave her wand a massive twirl

And bounds of snow came falling by.

There were little and big snowmen too,

Carrot noses and buttons for the eyes,

And then a strong wind started to blow

And all their hats dropped to the ground.

There were magic fruits with magic powers,

And sparkling water that smelled of a charm,

And every little beast in the wide snow town

Had powers that I could only dream of.

There were musical bells and violin tunes,

Sweet melodies in their voices too,

And when you needed a ride around,

There’d be a hundred to help you out.

I woke up in the Fairy Winterland,

With no hint of how I ended up there,

Perhaps a fairy picked me up from my bed

And carried me to the magic winterland.

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Fluffy ice cream clouds,

The cherry of a red sun,

A swing bed underneath

And breeze through my hair.

An endless sky of things and thoughts,

Hues of orange, of pink and blue,

Wild birds up and above

And a flowery scent throughout.

A golden light intertwined

With the mad shadowy shapes,

Salty waters in my sight

And seashells buried in the sand.

No it isn’t a heaven,

(but maybe more than that)

It’s just I haven’t been on a vacation…

Can I get a beach home-delivered?

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The Earth Day Melody!

Happy Earth Day, earthlings!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate and thank Mother Earth for the things she gives us – from shelter to food to oxygen to the colourful nature.

Another moment, to apologise for the troubles we have caused her, knowingly or unknowingly – from pollution to wars to deforestation to poaching to littering.

And yet another moment to think of what possible help we could provide her – from planting trees to cleaning our surroundings to using eco friendly materials to being kind to our fellow earthlings to encouraging others to do the same.

And of course it doesn’t stop here! We’ll have to put it all (and much more) into practice as well!

With that said, it’s time for a little celebration!

Here I present a wonderful song on cleanliness written and sang in her enchanting voice by my friend, Prasansha Kumari. She is an avid nature lover herself and often spends her free time on her rooftop – sometimes at sunrise with all the birds or maybe at night with the moon. This song itself was recorded amidst the colourful birds that come to visit her in the morning. Hope you enjoy this melodious piece!

Click here to watch


धरती माँ को फिर से सजाये

एक समय 
कुछ ऐसा था 
प्रकृति हमारी 
बड़ी खुश थी।

अंजान थी वो
इस बात से कि
एक समय 
कुछ ऐसा होगा– 
जब बच्चे उनके 
भूल जाएँगे उन्हें 
उन्हें मैला कर
फिर ना साफ करेंगे;
माँ हमारी 
नाराज़ होकर
फिर यूँ देंगी 
हमें सज़ा।

तो चलो आओ मिलकर 
हम हाथ मिलाए
घर से शुरुआत कर
धरती माँ को फिर से 

स्वच्छता ही सपना है 
सपना ये हमारा है।
करना अब इसे पूरा 
ईरादा ये हमारा है।
हरी चादर ओढ़ाकर 
इसका ज़ेब बढ़ाना है।
कूड़ेदान को
हर जगह लगाकर 
कचरा ना अब इधर–उधर फैलाना है ।

तो चलो आओ मिलकर 
हम हाथ मिलाए
घर से शुरुआत कर
धरती माँ को फिर से 

English translation:

Let's make Mother Earth clean and green again

There was once a time
Mother Earth 
Was extremely joyous

Unaware she was
of the fact that
There would be a time
her children
would forget all about her...
They would savage her
And won't sanctify again;
Our Mother would 
Be so upset
That she would then
Punish us all.

So come let us all
join our hands
Let's start from our homes
And make Mother Earth 
clean and green again...

Cleanliness is the vision,
This dream is ours.
To do it now
is our only purpose.
Covering it with a blanket of greenery,
We have to add glory to its beauty.
Installing bins
In every corner,
We have to stop littering refuse.

So come let us all
join our hands
Let's start from our homes
And make Mother Earth 
clean and green again...


Let us pledge to bring back Mother Earth’s glory before we suffer her wrath… it’s never too late to begin 😃

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