I Woke Up One Day


So like every other day I was sitting on my bed forcing my eyes open and trying to focus on the ongoing History lecture. History had never been fun for me. And it just seems worse on a laptop screen at home. Maybe because Shanaya wasn’t here. She always kept me awake even in the […]


[Read other stories from I Woke Up One Day series here.] I slowly opened my eyes the next day. I remembered I had told the voice that I liked trampolines. Was I going to jump on trampolines the whole day? No. That weren’t possible. As my eyes adjusted to the surroundings, I saw that I […]


[Make sure to read other stories from the I Woke Up One Day collection!] The next day, I woke up overflowing with excitement. I moved my hand around to check if I was on my bed. And then slowly I opened my eyes. My heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t my bed. It was a […]

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