Life Hacks

Life hacks 101: How not to pay bills (Guest Post!)

Congratulations! Also, you’re welcome. Only a few people will ever get to read this, and you’re one of them. No, no, don’t get out your chequebooks and/or credit cards, it’s free! Trust, if you read this right, it’ll be the last time you ever use any of those to pay those annoying bills. Are you […]

Life Hacks 101: How to Lose Weight Quick

And… Ms. Life Hacker is back with more fantastic hacks to make your life awesome! Let’s start with the present. The pandemic has made us all couch potatoes. But have you actually become a potato? Are you troubled about how you’ll fit in this world (or your favourite black outfit) with all that weight you’ve […]

Life Hacks 101: How to get rich quick

Since you loved my previous life hacks so much, and found them so SO useful, I thought why not give you more tips? Let’s dive right in! How to get rich quick: Sleep You must have heard about people who gave up on their sleep to work hard and get rich. Well, that’s just rubbish. […]

Life Hacks 101: If your key gets locked in the Car

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on Youtube these days, about what they call ‘Life Hacks’. And frankly, I’ve found much much easier ways to do things than what they say. So I thought why not share it with you guys so you can help yourself out if you get stuck in such a […]