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To lie in the grass
Under a sea full of stars,
And pluck one to adorn my eye.
Jasmine hair and a velvet white,
Barefooted on a half moon night
Me and you, and the fireflies.

To lock our hands
And slide to the shore,
Catch some waves and dance on our toes.
Sandcastles in salty hides
Built and drowned in mighty tides,
A dreamy home, and the cozy vibe.

To weave a tale
In a fairyland…
Keep it safe, then pop the plan!
Foggy bubbles and magic high-
Daydreams washed in chuckles and sighs,
A jobless mind’s got so much to pry.

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If life was a book,
Its pages flipped a bit today
And stopped at a chapter
That wasn’t so pleasant to read.

Well I was just a kid,
And I was just fooling around,
And hurting someone emotionally
Wasn’t something I understood well.

And I think I asked her at a point
If she was okay.
And she said she was,
But her diary said otherwise.

Unintentional as it was,
And foolish as I was,
Someone had been hurt;
And sorrys couldn’t heal the past.

My pages turned,
As did the wheel of karma,
And I stood at a point
Where she had once.

A part of it I deserved,
The others I didn’t,
But who am I to decide
The fair and the unfair.

I did my share of the why’s and how’s,
And reached what I thought was the (not so) happy end.
But life had been intending to teach
A different lesson altogether.

Something I learnt more pages later,
Was one of the harder lessons;
And I definitely didn’t learn it
The easy way.

It had been intertwined in all these pages
And yet I had been blind enough not to notice,
Trusting the wrong people all along
And adorning my head with a crown of arrogance.

When you drift on the wrong path,
There are people who leave you stranded.
They have their own good reasons,
But they can’t ever be good companions.

The wind flipped over a couple pages more
And came to the one where I met a little star,
Who made so little of its presence
Amidst the dully overcrowded sky.

It shone in such light
That it took my blindfold away;
And I changed my lenses,
Viewing the world a different way.

And delivered a message I could never say out loud
But oh that’s a story for another day.
It’s time to close the windows,
The winds are really making a mess!

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Midnight Snack

Dark night.

The street lights

all blacked out,

It’s a new moon night;

Perfect for when

they hunt.

No one hears a sound

as they go about

doing their ‘job’

in total silence.

They’ve got wings

that light up

like a neon fire,

But only those can see

whose time’s near…

Petty little humans

get attracted

like iron scraps to a magnet,

And then they dig

deep into the flesh.


Then the lights come on

and everything’s seen.

Sirens blow,

People rush;

A body lies

in the centre of the square

and no one knows

who did the crime.

Curious humans

surround the scene,

and among them

stands the one

with blood on its fangs.

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The Reason for Everything

There are still questions

That lack an answer,

Some mysteries

Yet unsolved,

And many many secrets

Yet to be uncovered…

The curious mind

Digs deeper and deeper

Looking for an answer

To one of the infinite problems:

The ultimate reason for everything…

But as long as the answer is hidden,

The world is safe.

Because the day the secret is uncovered,

There wouldn’t be a reason left

To live or grow or evolve

And keep going…

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Thoughts Unknown

Hidden in our mind

Born from imagination

In a disguise of randomness

Lay a thousand words,

A thousand stories


Struggling for freedom;

A thousand thoughts

Mingling and mixing

They sprout up, live and die,

Every moment or so…

The lucky ones live a happy life,

Getting a chance to breathe

In fresh air,

Others die,

Just as instantly as they are born

Perhaps because no one realised

That they even exist.

But each one’s unique

And deserves every chance

To live its life,

To burst out from the prison of mind

And show what its worth.

Thoughts come and go

Not all do care,

But for the some who do:

The random thought u got that day

Might perhaps be the next big legend.

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A Marvel (or just an illusion?)

When the stars all shine upon me

And the half moon peeks out

Shy as a bride from her clouded veil;

On nights like these I wonder

Whether there really is a god

For the creation of such a wondrous world

Surely wouldn’t have been an accident.

And then I ask to the people who say

That a bang and a boom gave birth to the world –

A bang and a boom would surely have created

A piece of rock and flesh,

But if there really was no god,

Then there wouldn’t have been lives and souls.

For violent fireworks can only create

A thing so marvellous

But souls ain’t created by force or hurt

For they require love, and pure beauty.

And if you still believe it to be an illusion

I hope there is, and always be

Such a wondrous illusion.

For the man gets his thoughts

From the wondrous nature around him,

Oh great illusionist! Hence I ask,

What gave YOU the thought

To create such a marvel,

The thoughts of which

Have inspired all others,

And continues to be

The definition of love

And fine beauty,

And wonder.

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Shine, O Moon

O moon, shine bright,

In the darkest of times

When the only hope is you;

Shine bright.

Shine bright,

While we look upon

And ponder over your mysteries

O moon, shine bright.

Shine till we quench

Our thirst of curiousity

Shine till you fill us

With your overflowing beauty

And till we feel your light in us,

O moon, do shine.

Shine till you vanish all darkness

And fill all hearts with bright joy

Shine so bright that the diamond fades away.

O moon shine like the way you did

When the hearts were pure

And the minds all pink.

O moon, shine bright.