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A Frustrated Writer

The laptop is turned on

Like every other day

Keys are tapped randomly

To forge out words

From the mind’s tangled tale.


Reality falls behind expectations

A well defined plot seems like a bunch of errors

The backspace key is pressed more than any other,

A white screen is left behind every time

While the mind is filled with hues of hopelessness

What a contrast!

The laptop is thrown away

A notebook is brought in,

Some words are scribbled

A few sketches doodled,

Yet all in vain.

Ah, what pain!

Notebook dumped away as well

Bedcovers brought in this time,

Not to write, but to hide in;

Eyes are shut, dreams are seen

And the most unexpected thing happens.

Creativity strikes!

Bedcovers are thrown

Laptop is brought in again,

Notebook as well;

How strange is it that the best things happen

when you expect them the least.

And there we go!

Keys are tapped again,

Notes made as well,

Intentionally this time;

Let’s see what’s made of the tale

That took so much pain.

But oh, alas!

Words stop flowing as suddenly as they began,

Doubts begin to rise, “holes” and “faults” surround,

A fist is clenched, something breaks;

What seemed like a wonderful idea

Turns out to be a bubble.

Ah, what frustration!