The Fourth Dimension

Part-2: Tara

[Here’s Part 2 of The Fourth Dimension. Hope you liked the first part!] As her eyes adjusted to the surroundings, the place started becoming more and more clear. Of course she knew this place! She had been here for 10 years now. “Tara,” a fat but affable lady bent down and asked her, “How do […]

Part-3: Dr. Nebula

[Part-3 of The Fourth Dimension… How did you like the story so far?? Comment below! And if its your first time here, do read Part-1 And Part-2 before this…] All of a sudden, Sherry tapped the pause button and pulled away her earphones. “Tara, are you sure you want to listen to this recording?” Sherry […]

Part-4: Basement and Secrets

[If you haven’t read the previous parts of The Fourth Dimension, do read them before this, or you won’t get this part. Enjoy!] For a moment, there was a spine-chilling silence. Sherry’s statement had hit Tara like a thunderbolt. “Maybe we missed that detail? Shall we play it again?” Tara suggested. They played the recording […]

Part-5: Nebula’s Lab and Inventions

[If you haven’t read the previous parts of The Fourth Dimension yet, do read them before this.] “The Fourth Dimension?” Tara was confused. “Ah, yes dear, the fourth dimension. There’s length, breadth, height and then comes this fourth one- time.” “Time? I don’t understand still…” “You haven’t read any of the books I bought you […]

Part-6: A Trip to Egypt

If you haven’t read the previous parts of The Fourth Dimension yet, read them before this. [As I said in my previous post, Tara and Dr. Nebula would go where you want them to go. @annabethchase11 said that she would love the “trio” to go to Egypt. And here they are… on a trip to […]

Part-7: Surprises

[Read the story from the beginning if you haven’t yet…] “W-what do we do now?” Sherry asked. “My genius mind has some ideas…” Dr. Nebula said. The crocodile opened its mouth wide and showed off its pointed yellow and black teeth, all ready to chew the three people off. “RUN!” Dr. Nebula cried. And the […]

Part-8: To and Fro the Future

[If this is your first time here, make sure to read The Fourth Dimension from the beginning…] “So the real plan is that I have to go to the future- nearly thirty five years from now.” “That isn’t a big deal,” Sherry said shrugging, “Given the fact that we have just travelled back more than […]

Part-9: Hunting Down Galaxy

[Make sure to read this from the beginning if it’s your first time here…] “Have you heard of that name before?” Sherry asked. “I don’t think so. But I am surprised to know that he even has a friend! I mean everyone thinks he is a weirdo…” “Hey, they both seem a bit similar, isn’t […]

Part-10: Unveiling Secrets

[Here’s the 10th Part of The Fourth Dimension: Season-1. Make sure to read from the beginning if you haven’t yet.] “Yes, I am Galaxy!” she replied beaming. “You’ve had quite a few surprises in the past 48 hours, haven’t you? “Yeah,” Sherry said awestruck. “This is so fascinating!” “C’mon girls, have a seat. Dr. Nebula’s […]