The Fourth Dimension: Season 2

Season-2: Part-1: Ready, Set, Go!

[Previously in The Fourth Dimension: Season-1 Part-10: Dr. Galaxy, Sherry and Tara were determined to go into the future and save Dr. Nebula and the world.] “What’s the plan?” Sherry finally spoke, breaking the chilling silence. “Ah yes, yes, the plan. First I need you to learn some basics,” Dr. Galaxy laid out a chart […]

Season-2: Part-2: Robo Rule

[Check out Season 1 and Season 2 from the start before this.] “Yeah. That’s the big picture. Not only this, but the whole government consists of robots. And the officials at the topmost posts are robots too.” Dr. Galaxy explained. “What?! Mom, that’s so terrible! But why are they doing this?” “You see, I told […]

Season-2: Part-3: Robby’s help

[If you are here for the first time, read Season-1 and Season-2 from the start] “Wait, wait! What’s going on? Who’s Dr. Comet now?” Tara asked. “Oh Tara, remember I told you about our team?” Dr. Galaxy asked. “Yeah, about the five of you?” Tara said, “And then you split.” “So Dr. Comet’s one of […]

Season-2: Part-4: Tracing the Map

[Read the story from the very beginning right here. If you have read the first season, Season-2 is here.] “Hey! See what I just found!” Sherry called out. Tara came running and looked into the screen. “A map?” asked Tara. “Yep!” Sherry grinned. “A map of the city!” After hours of brainstorming, she had finally […]

Season-2: Part-5: Brains vs. The Chip

[Sorry for the delay, my health’s not good 🤒😪. Make sure to read this story from the beginning here.] The place instantly transformed into what seemed like a quiz game show. The robots assembled at one side and the humans at the other. A robot stood between the two groups. He was playing the referee. […]