Too Real Quotes

Quote of the Month #5

Blogophobia: A person affected by Blogophobia always lives under the fear of a possibility where they never get to blog again. They might have a hundred ideas in their head, and may even have sudden writing urges. No matter what, they never manage to have a single complete post. Not to mention, they are really bad at meeting commitments. They might put out a quote a month, but that’s about it.

Quote of the Month #4

You never know how tough a job is, until you do it yourself. Did you know, that writing quotes is such a tough job that I skipped writing Quote of the Month #3 entirely?

Quote of the Month #2

It’s just too easy to offend people these days. By the way, I think Justin Bieber’s too overrated.

Quote of the Month #1

Common sense is the most basic, yet complex, science. Also, when you hold your breath for 3 seconds, the third toe of your right foot starts appearing just a tiny bit longer.